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Meet us at Eurosensors 2010 in Linz

InSensor will present new results on high performance piezoelectric thick films at the Eurosensors XXIV in Linz, Austria

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Meet us at Electroceramics XII in Trondheim

The presentation will be given by Karsten Hansen on June 15 in session Piezoelectric materials III and the title is, Focused high frequency lead-free transducers based on piezoelectric thick films

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Meet us at IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe in Munich

The presentation will be given by Dr. Tomasz Zawada on May 27 and the title is, High Coupling Piezoelectric Thick Film Materials

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High Frequency Transducer

InSensor® offers custom made high-frequency transducers based on PZT thick film technology. The features which are favoured in high frequency applications are found as inherent properties of PZT thick film:

  • High resonance frequency due to the thickness of the film (10-60 MHz)
  • High thickness coupling (0.50)
  • High bandwidth (up to 150%)
  • Low permittivity (550)
  • Low acoustic impedance (18-20 MRa)

Applications can be medical imaging, NDT or others where high frequency and high bandwidth is needed. Using our pad printing technique we are able to deposit the active layers on substrates with a radius of curvature down to 10 mm. We are also able to pattern the layers to form complex structures such as linear and annular arrays.

Please contact InSensor® for test samples. After testing the technology in your system you can define the exact parameters fitting your particular application.

InSensor® also offers packaging and cabling solutions for prototypes.

High Frequency PZT thick film transducers